Monday, November 07, 2005

The world is taken to the point.
Perhaps this is very sad because só much disappeares in it. And at the same time this is very cheerful because só many possibilities can come out of it. Certainly this is unalterable. For, the universal point is expanding it self endlessly like the digital network around the globe - at an unthinkable rate. Though modern technology mainly pro-motes a hectic massing of capital, we must not avoid to use its energy for completely different points of concentration. I asked thirty two artists, some very young and some not só young, who work in distant places of the world, for one POINT OF VIEW for the subway station U2 under Alexanderplatz Berlin. These points do not search for exoticism that long ago dissolved in the daily flood of pictures. Individually they do not behave in any spectacular way as ali sensations eleminate each other anyway. However they are not unconcerned as they emerged from correspondence , from longstanding closeness and collaboration and from an intense dialogue. Digitalized, duplicated and enlarged by printing onto selfadhasive paper, the points shall cover both side walls and the wide tensed ceiling inbetween. Their size and distance of placement provides enough space to find a single point of vision and silence for a short wait. In passing, the whole structure gets into motion showing more and more new relations. This could be a practice. We may have to learn to assemble our sight of reality again and again. All is flowing ...
Karla Sachse