Tuesday, November 08, 2005

POINT 33 Two points:
I think of one for the top and one for the floor - from the topof the head to the tips of the toes. The space in between and aliaround, as far as the eye can see and beyond, becomes theendless space for the mind to expand. Up to the infinite anddeep in the earth.
I look at the 32 points of a compass, a compass points to dif-ferent directions. Directions that people go in to seek for whatever they seek in life. And, I think of 'Point 33' as pointing in the direction within us, which most people ignore, do not follow and maybe are unaware of. I take the point at the very top of our head - to indicate puré conciousness waiting to be discovered. Also the human brain is an important navigational aid in orienteering, and it invented the compass. This point is rounded with a smooth edge.
The second point shows the sole of the feet - to indicate our connection to 'earthly' things. Our feet used to carry us in dif-ferent directions. This point hás an uneven edge.
>From a holistic point of view these are pressure points in traditional Thai and Indian massages. Specially on the soles -ali body organs are connected to this region. I also think of my past days when I lived and worked in London, and after a long day, waiting for a train at a station, often thinking how more than anything else, I wanted a massage for my weary feet! This point can be placed on the floor, where people can stand and press down to give themselves a massage?! And then, they can look up and see the top of their heads growingü!
And, to have a bit of fun - the 'feet point' can be placed on the ceiling and the 'head point' on the floor, só people can do a head-stand (like in Yoga) if they só wish! Also I think of them placed opposite each other on the side walls - like floating from one side to the other and have people imagine themselves growing and moving in the space in between.
Varsha Nair - Bangkok - 18 Nov l998